Web development

Web development of applications of various kind and complexity.

We develop smart web applications of various kinds and size – from small MVPs of online marketplaces to big enterprise systems and world-changing digital products. Since 2002, we have already touched almost every type of web application which makes us feel comfortable with any project. What you can definitely count on, is not only our broad experience but also individual approach and analysis resulting in stack and solutions tailored directly to the very specific nature of your project. Furthermore, we put a great value on a design, applying latest UX trends and research results of cognitive science, as we understand that it matters.

What you get

of custom ideas
We develop your own, custom
project - one & only
UX & UI Design
Intuitive UX & breathtaking UI to create a unique identity of your product
Backend Development
In technologies such as Java, .NET and PHP
In technologies such as Angular, React.js, Vue.js and others
MVP & Scoping
Scoping sessions to figure out the most efficient MVP and save you the money
Integration with
third parties API
Integration with various kinds of external services and API - e.g. payment gateways
Quality Assurance to make sure that everything will work as planned
3-months of warranty for everyone
Support &
Round-the-clock support to secure stability of your product
15 years of commercial experience
Rapid project start
We are ready to start within 5 days
Project Management
Rest assured and save time - our PM will take care of delivering your project

How does it benefit you

Save of time
Up to 30%, thanks to experience and tested solutions
Cost reduction
Up to 30% in comparison to our competitors and up to 50% in total
Quicker deployment
Experienced Project Managers secure smooth process and quick release
Clean code
No trainees, no juniors - only high-quality coders
Scalability of your product
Long run thinking - building your solution not for today, but for the future
Better performance
Thanks to optimal technology stack and architecture

The process

Analysis & scoping sessions
We start with deep analysis of your project in the form of scoping sessions, during which we go with you through the main aspects of your project, taking into account its particular nature, market, users, the problem it solves and other related aspects. We also help by figuring out the scope of MVP to get your idea tested with minimal amount invested. Knowing each and every detail of your project, we are also able to propose the best technology stack in terms of performance, cost-efficiency and scalability.
Prototyping & specification
Having agreed the scope and covered main aspects of your project, we create a specification of development, containing all what agreed and serving as a recipe of developers. At the same time, our UX designer is building a clickable prototype of your app, illustrating its main flow and arranging it in the easiest and most optimal way for the user. Whole process is dynamic and dependable on your feedback.
At this stage, we put a soul & life into your project by creating its usual identity. We put a high value on a design, treating it as a face of your business and adjusting it into the targeted audience and industry.
We finally put the shovel into the ground by writing the very first line of the code and continue developing your project. Due to Agile methodology, we work in sprints following agreed schedule and milestones. What’s more, we offer a client-oriented charging model, in which we charge you for each sprint and only upon your acceptance of its results – you pay only when you are satisfied! Our +15 years-experience makes us calm about your satisfaction and you to rest assured about the results. What is also done at this stage are tests – we keep testing regular and up to date and as our practice shows it’s a right approach.
Having your product developed, fully tested and double-checked we deploy it tracking constantly its performance. A team of specialists engaged during the previous stages of the process is constantly assisting and kept ready to react immediately, keeping an eye on your product to make sure that nothing will put a shade on your success. You also get a 3 month warranty - just in case.
Support & Maintenance
Out of our experience we see, that in most cases the journey doesn’t end on releasing the product. Every project requires a proper care after its deployment to be kept up to date and adjusted to the constantly changing environment. That’s why we offer support & maintenance services for your product to keep it healthy-working and bug-free. We assign a dedicated team to keep an eye on your product, rapidly react and take care of maintaining the technological success of your project.

Some numbers

Over 80% of our clients purchases
the support & maintenance
Over 50% of clients working with
us for more than 3 years
More than 70 web apps developed

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