Consulting services to help you choosing the best approach

We can help you analyzing your project deeply, drafting its architecture and suggesting best solutions & technology stack to cover its requirements

What you get

  1. Consulting services

    Consulting services dedicated for your project
  2. System Architecture

    Draft of best architecture for your system
  3. Suggestion of approach

    Dedicated suggestion of best methodology for your project
  4. Optimal tech stack

    Proposal of technology stack that will work best for your project
  5. Optimal team size

    Don’t overpay - we will tell you what is the most optimal team size for your project
  6. Hourly estimation

    Estimation of your project with hourly breakdown

How does it
benefit you

Scalability of your product

We make it scalable from the beginning, no need for re-writing it in the future

Save of time

Don’t spend time on figuring out how it should work - let our specialists do it for you

Long-terms savings

Up to even 60% in a long run

Cost reduction

Spend up to 50% less in comparison to what others offer

Right performance

Solutions tailored to particular nature of your project

The Process

  1. Analysis

    We discuss your project in details, including each aspect it touches
  2. Solutions

    We suggest the most optimal tech stack and offer the best approach
  3. Report

    The report covers all outcomes of the process and analysis

Some numbers


Over 80% of our clients purchases the support & maintenance


Over 50% of clients working with us for more than 3 years


More than 70 web apps developed

We don’t have clients

we have partners

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