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We develop complete IoT ecosystems that bring hardware & software into consistent harmony.

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IoT specialized team

Internet of Things is one of the areas in which we have a strictly specialized team and a great deal of experience.

We know how to develop or modify firmware, integrate hardware with server-based software, control hardware systems from the browser or mobile device levels and assemble custom hardware with our partners.


What we do

You can expect a full-cycle IoT development from a team who has experience in implementing IoT systems for real-life business cases:

Industrial image


Water leakage detection & prevention by real-time feed from water pressure sensors installed in the pipes and remote control of the water circuit.

Smarthome solutions image

Smarthome solutions

Remote reporting & control of your home’s various devices and systems, such as heating system, locks, water circuit and more.

Retail image


Editing firmware of payment terminal’s to support loyalty programs and custom app features.

Kiosk software image

Kiosk software

Kiosk software for various use and facilities, i.e. look simulators for clothing shops.

Telemedicine image


Remote monitoring of patient’s life functions in mobile app thanks to integration with custom developed armband.

Logistics image


Fleet management and real life overview of vehicle’s telemetry and location.

Aviation image


Integration of weighbridges with web system’s for one of the North America’s biggest airlines.


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How can we help you


Free consultation

Free consultation of your project, cost estimate, recommendation of the approach and complete project plan.


End-to-end project coverage

We will take care of your project from start to finish - from hardware development and firmware programming, through UX & UI Design to software development and launch of the entire system.


Complete IoT ecosystems

Experience with designing, developing & maintaining complex IoT ecosystems consisting of multiple devices, software systems and hosting services.


Hardware & software integration

Integration of different types of hardware devices with new and existing software systems.


Firmware programming

Need to program a firmware for your device or edit an existing firmware? Don’t worry, we did it a lot of times.


Hardware development

Need to design and develop custom hardware? No worries, thanks to our hardware partners we can take care.

Technologies we use for IoT projects

Firmware / Embedded

CAN Protocol


SPi Global (+8 more)






Modbus Protocol

RS485 Protocol

RS232 Protocol

Desktop Software



Lua (+3 more)




Web & Mobile software



Vue.js (+7 more)





React Native

Java for Android


Cloud platforms


Azure IoT Hub

Oracle IoT (+4 more)

Google Cloud IoT

Cisco IoT

IBM Watson IoT

Cloud Connect

How we do it

Analysis & requirements clarification

We consult with you on your project and clarify the most important requirements and questions. We also analyze the documentation of your device and provide you with a feasibility report with regards to your project vision and requirements.

Proof of Concept

In accordance with project objectives, we devise a Proof of Concept. This basic iteration of your anticipated system verifies its essential function and practicality, building confidence in the fundamental basis for further evolution. If necessary, this phase includes initial custom hardware setup or firmware modifications. This essential step underpins the project's technical doability.

UX & UI Design

Having confirmed that your IoT system is doable, we proceed with the further analysis of your entire system. It includes creating its Functional & Technical Specification and full UX & UI Design of your system. We do it by conducting a series of meetings called Discovery Workshops.


With complete system UI design, specification and PoC in place, we start the development of the entire system. Of course, you stay updated all the time through daily and weekly communication.

On-site Testing

We first test the entire system in our lab to confirm that all the scenarios are working correctly both on the hardware and software site. After that, we test it on-site which in this case means either the environment in which it will be installed (e.g. factory) or the office or field of your company to confirm it works not only in the laboratory.


After your system passes the on-site testing, we officially deploy it for commercial use. From here on, you can use it as you please.

Support & Maintenance

Of course, we don’t leave you alone. You will probably need to be making updates & upgrades to the system from time to time, not to mention you will probably have some user feedback and requests for updates & changes. We stay available with our support & maintenance services to support your system after it is launched.

Who takes care of it?

I share a particular passion for Internet of Things projects because I started my programming adventure with embedded systems that were using hardware resources. Back in the days when the internet was only learning to walk, I already dreamed of all the amazing things that could be achieved by mixing hardware & internet and the real-life challenges it could solve.

Today, I feel blessed for the opportunity to be living those dreams by designing and creating systems that truly use hardware, software and the internet to push the boundaries of what’s possible and help the world progress.

Alex Ptashniy

IoT & AI Team Leader at Gecko Dynamics

Math Master's with 25+ years of software experience, specialized in AI, IoT, backend dev, and real-world solutions.

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Do you have some specific questions? See our answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding IoT projects or book a free consultation with our IoT Consultant:

- Do you design and develop hardware as well?

Yes. We have 3 partnered companies with whom we develop hardware for our customers. You can either leave the entire project to us or we can contact you with them directly.

- Do you develop firmware / embedded software?

Yes. Depending on the exact protocols to be used, we will either develop it in-house or in collaboration with one of our hardware partners.

- How much time does it take to develop a PoC?

Depending on the project, it can either take from 1 day to 1 month. Of course, it may even take more than that but in such case it’s more of an R&D than PoC.

Ask our IoT Consultant for an estimation of PoC for your project.

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