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You are at the right address! We develop software for London & UK-based customers since 2002 and will be happy to share our experience with web apps, custom software & mobile apps with you. Get in touch with our consultant and let’s meet for a five o’clock!

How we Can help you

Web development

Social apps, MVP scoping, apps for startups

Solutions & technologies tailored directly to your business, its market and users

Intuitive, friendly & user-engaging design

Custom software development

Advanced systems, such as ERP, Business Process Management, CRM, CMS and SaaS platforms

Solutions & architecture tailored directly to your industry and its specific processes

Enterprise technologies & cutting-edge innovations

Body-leasing & staffing

Hire our developers to work in your team – in London or remotely in our office in Cracow

Extend your team’s capacities

Specialists of Java, .NET, PHP, Javascript, Angular and React ready to join your project

Mobile development

Attractive and intuitive design to make your users buy with their eyes

Up to date with latest UX & UI trends

Unique identity of your product

Support & maintenance

Support and bugfixing of your product

DevOps and maintenance to keep your product up with the changing environment and secure its best performance

Continuous development, to always put you ahead of your competitors

It consulting & analysis

Business and Technical Analysis of your specific project

Recommendation of best solutions, technologies and approach

Audits of current solutions

Some rough facts

  • London and Cracow is divided by only 2-hours of direct flight

  • There is only one hour time difference

  • The rates for web development in Cracow are averagely 2 times lower than in London

  • Polish and British people share similar work culture which avoids misunderstanding

  • Polish developers speak English, love tea and usually support various teams from Premier League

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CEO, M-Star Solutions
Nicholas CarloCEO, M-Star Solutions
We appreciated their honesty; they dealt with every issue that came their way. They only made promises they could keep, which allowed us to give our client realistic expectations. Their team provided quality services at a moment’s notice.View the full review

Technologies we work with

We don’t work with all the technologies of the world, but we are experts in the ones we work with:
Our speciality
JavaSpringSymfonyHibernatePHP.NetZendLaravelPythonPerlAWSJavaScriptHTMLCSSNodeJSReactReduxjQueryBootstrapAngularSwiftAndroidReact NativeOracleMySQLPostgreSQLIBM Db2mongoDB
SwiftAndroidReact Native
Enterprise technologies
OracleMySQLPostgreSQLIBM Db2mongoDB

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