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Aviation & Logistics

We provide solutions for airlines and aircraft manufacturers as well as smaller companies. We understand your operations, business processes and are familiar with FAA, EASA and ICAO regulations.

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Aviation and Logistics industry


We’ve worked with financial, banking and insurance companies. We are familiar with PCI compliance terms and we put a high value on transaction safety, architecture and data processing to make your solutions secure, stable and lightning-fast.

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FinTech industry

Restaurant, Retail & Entertainment

We provide solutions for restaurants, retail & entertainment companies that don’t require any serious training, are quick and easy as child’s play. Your staff will love them, your customers will spend less time in queues waiting for orders.

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Restaurant, Retail and Entertainment industry

IoT & Big Data

We will develop your IoT-capable software starting from requirements all the way to support and evolution. We can put your business in the future today with our skillful engineers and passionates of IoT, Big Data, AI and ML. Are you ready for such time travel?

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IoT and Big Data industry

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