Camtran jive

Complex business process management software


Jive is a complex business process management software serving a major role in everyday cycles of CamTran – Canada’s leading manufacturer of oil-filled transformers.

  • durationDuration:
    2012 – Ongoing
  • technologiesTechnologies used:
    Tomcat, Java, JSP, Postgres Database, React.js
  • Client’s country: Canada


Case study

  • Client

    CamTran is a Canadian company (ISO-9001 certified), which specializes in manufacturing various kinds of oil-filled transformers and in their repair & renewal. Since 1982, it secured its position as Canada’s largest company with full-line distribution of oil filled transformers and is a constant marked leader in the fields of product quality, design & innovations. Having 3 locations in Canada, company owns a total surface of over 250,000 square meters of manufacturing space.

  • Situation

    In 2012, Gecko Dynamics won a tender for delivery of a custom business process management software to improve CamTran’s business & manufacturing processes. The main part was focused around creating, storing, organizing, searching, viewing, editing, and controlling Standardized Work Instructions. The project was initially treated as a pilot project but was envisioned to grow and implement a larger custom software facilitating optimization of CamTran’s business processes, internally called Jive.

  • Solution

case image

Results of the pilot phase led to maintaining a long terms cooperation, during which Gecko Dynamics has delivered a system than includes:

  • Instant access to all projects, KPI’s and critical customer information
  • Jobs management including specifications, drawings, time standards and completion checklists
  • Project & Issue management with workflow from origination to resolution
  • Document management
  • Production and financial forecasting Internal audits
  • Winding schedule optimization


Jive has been found to be a critical component in optimizing production and operations within the company

Number of human errors on all phases of production process has been decreased

Sales increase – key customers have been impressed with Jive and CamTran’s commitment to innovation, optimization and visibility into production process, which helped in securing multi-million dollar deals

CamTran is constantly undertaking a number of key initiatives following its continuous efforts to improve
its services, including state of the art equipment, robotization and environmental stewardship.
Nevertheless, 5 years after commence of the Jive project it is still #1 on the CamTran’s key initiatives list.

What the client says


Andrew Young

Head of Quality Assurance, Cam Tran


"By synchronizing production information across all 3 plants, the database system facilitated substantial company growth, leading to sales doubling over 4 years. Gecko Dynamics familiarized themselves with unique industry challenges to produce a customized solution and become a long-term partner."

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