Spectrum Wellness

Spectrum Wellness

A brand-new platform brought to the market by Spectrum Wellness – Ireland’s leading company in providing employee-tailored health & wellness plans to medium & big enterprises in Ireland. The platform aim is to provide clearer overview of the purchased plans to its clients and partnered companies, as well as to enhance their management by consolidating all information in one place.

  • durationDuration:
    2018 – ongoing
  • technologiesTechnologies used:
    PHP, Yii2, Javascript, Vue.js, Html, CSS
  • Client’s country: Dublin, Ireland


Case study

  • Client & Situation

    Spectrum Wellness reached out to Gecko Dynamics seeking an urgent action on developing the frontend part of their brand new platform, which was scheduled to hit the market by the end of 2018. That happened, because Spectrum realised, that the in-house development team is out of its capacity and will not manage to release the complete product by the end of the year, and therefore needed an urgent help with getting the things delivered, as the whole marketing campaign was landing at the same time. Gecko Dynamics took up the challenge and has worked closely with Spectrum Wellness development team on a frontend part to help delivering the product within the required time.

  • Solution

case image

Gecko Dynamics team was set to work closely with Spectrum in-house development team on the frontend part of the application. Therefore, there were 2 teams in 2 locations working on the same product, which required strong communication between the teams and properly distributed scope of work to both teams. It is worth mention, that both teams were working under pressure of fixed deadline and the work was necessary to progress within the requested pace.Nevertheless, Gecko’s developers and Project Manager responsible for the project did an excellent job, successfully delivering the scope within the deadline and helping Spectrum Wellness saving a lot of money due to elimination of possible delay.Gecko team worked on a frontend part of system, which functionality includes:

  • Manage the wellness & health plans purchased for your company globally and its employees
  • Manage the wellness & health plans purchased for yourself as an employee of company that is a client of the platform
  • Measure the progress & accomplishment of the plans by available factors, e.g. miles run, steps made, etc.
  • Browse through the available events accordingly to purchases plan, sign up for them and manage your bookings
  • Follow specific workout plans divided into chapters supported by certain videos
  • Purchase services & products from 3rd-party suppliers partnered with the platform
  • Live chat with customer support
  • Smart recommendation of cust health & wellness plan basing on short surveys


Thanks to outstanding management, Gecko Dynamics managed to delivered the given scope for the requested deadline

Thanks to meeting the deadline, Spectrum managed to release the platform within the desired timeframe and optimized their budget expenses by making all the platform, its staff and the clients landing all at the same time

Spectrum Wellness finds the system hugely helpful in optimizing the management of their clients, getting their praise for the platform at the same time

Since Spectrum Wellness appreciated Gecko’s performance and dedication very much, the relationship goes on. While the
Spectrum platform is constantly getting new clients receiving even more praise, Gecko Dynamics continues to work on new
projects with Spectrum and – as always – we are giving it everything we got.

What the client says

Spectrum Wellness

Paul Fletcher

Project Manager at Spectrum Wellness


"They go the extra mile and provide alternative solutions rather than just going with the flow and accepting what we’ve given them. Expect a communicative partner who can provide design consultation and deliver quality software."

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