Support & maintenance

DevOps services to secure your growth and technological success

Usually, the release of a project is just a beginning of a long path of its continuous development. Our DevOps team takes care of your product, using best practises, having rapid reaction time and 24/7 support, to ensure that it will be living & running without any crashes or bugs. We also take care of further development of your product and adjusting it to the constantly changing environment to secure your pole-position on the market.

What you get

Sustainable development

Continuous development to always put you ahead

Dedicated team

Dedicated team - the same that developed your product


Constant and up to date QA process

Transparent pricing

Every hour spent is outlined on the billing

Continuous maintenance

Continuous support to make sure nothing will surprise you

24 / 7 support

Guards on the watch all the time

Reaction within 12 hours

We react to each notification within maximum 12 hours

Easy communication

Dedicated point of contact, phone & email

How does it benefit you

  • Better experience of your users and customers

    Less bugs and crashes mean more happy users

  • Risk reduction

    Up to 40% less bugs & crashes

  • Bug-free & correctly working software

    Up to 80% less time of incorrectly working product

  • Quicker bugfix

    Average bugfix time with purchased package - 12 hours from notification

  • Peaceful sleep

    Less stress for you

The process

Package purchase

We familiarize ourselves with your project, identify risks & threats and estimate how much can our assistance take each month. Basing on that, we suggest a monthly package of hours that in our opinion will cover requirements of your software. Having it purchased, will make you able to use them monthly with no additional fees and make our team ready to react latest up to 12 hours from your notification.

Performance tracking

We use dedicated tools to track performance of your application. We are also up to date with new releases of various updates of APIs you are using and recent updates in a constantly changing IT environment.

Bug notification

Nevertheless, most of the bugs make it difficult to detect them by automated tools, which makes majority of them being detected by users and system administrators. In such case, you notify us about it by phone or email and we take care of the rest.

Repairs & adjustments

We identify what’s the reason of the bug and let you know you how many hours it will take to repair it. Upon your acceptance, we implement the solution, update your software and make working correctly again.


After deployed solution, we provide a report of bug reason, solution implemented and total time it took. In the report, we also include predictions and suggestions how to avoid similar situation in the future.

Some numbers


Over 80% of our clients purchases support & maintenance


4 hours - average time of reaction to bug notification

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