Public & government

Familiar with your procedures

Consulting services always included

100% transparent and ready for your supervision

Over 20 success stories

As our portfolio proves, public and government entities are welcome as well. We understand your budgeting procedures, tender processes and governance structures. Learnt by experience and knowing what is most important to you we are always ready to answer the call and submit full documentation, describing in a detailed and passionate way the solution and approach to the object of your inquiry.

What you get

Understanding your procedures

Don’t waste time on explaining why you have to do something or why do we have to follow some guidelines. Having many successful experiences we are familiar & prepared to work with them.


We understand that full transparency is a must when spending public money. That’s why we are always eager to share our employees profiles, give you access to our project management tools and reveal other things to give you a full overview

Tailor-made solutions

Solutions tailored straight to the very particular nature of your industry, the process it has to optimize and other processes going around.

Always on time

We understand that your schedule and timeline is always crucial, which makes us to construct a development schedule responsibly to never be late.

Familiar with your documents

Always professional with all the types of corporate documents such as RFPs, RFQs, POs and other stuff

Ready for on-site work

If your internal procedures require some on-site work, we are ready to do it as we already have some tested procedures for that.

Some numbers


20 success stories so far with public & government clients


All 20 projects delivered on time


60% of public & government clients stayed with us for support & maintenance

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