Being a Best Software Development Partner in COVID world

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As you might know - last year we have been recognized as the Best Software Development Partner at Central European Startup Awards in 2019, since then a lot has changed in a way that no one thought it was possible. The Coronavirus outbreak has changed the reality of the IT industry, it pushed the digital revolution on a whole new level. These days being a reliable partner in Software Development is more important than ever.

Forecasts of the recession caused by COVID-19 make business owners more focused on the upcoming future which brings the reality that is made of complexity, uncertainty, and opportunities. Remote work has been popular more than ever, the usage of internet services is growing every day since lockdowns started in countries around the world. We know for a fact that information technology will have a transformative role in scaling businesses for the next few years.

You are more than a client, you are the partner

From the aviation industry which was highly impacted by the outbreak to the logistics & warehousing where the growth is caused by the increasing popularity of e-commerce, new solutions are required to reduce cost and prepare the business to be more flexible in case of any turbulence caused by the virus. One of the most key factors is to find a reliable partner that will help you to get through this process and achieve the biggest possible revenue. For us, the most crucial thing is to remember that on the other side we don’t have clients, we have partners. It means that we work with people, not companies like Nokia. Undoubtedly they are employees of the companies that we work with, but besides that fact, every person that we work with is a unique human being with their own point of view on certain things. We want to meet their expectations about a process of software development, make it a more personal experience and find a way to make it easier, faster, and more efficient for both sides. We want to get to know their business as much as we can because this knowledge lets us provide them with the best possible solution.

How to reduce the cost of software development?

The key aspect is to accurately address the problems of the people we work with. Find them before they even mention it, and propose solutions that meet their needs and at the same time are efficient, simple to implement, and scalable. To do that we actively get experience in the areas of our expertise not only by making new projects but also by being a part of hackathons and other events that allow us to use our creativity freely. This leads often to deeper conclusions, more specific insight in the case of industries’ needs. That constant need-for-new drives us to be better every single day and to implement changes that not only help us, but also our partners to achieve great things together. Now more than ever we are certain that the most important thing is communication.

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We don’t have clients – we have partners