IoT, Big Data & Hi-Tech

Future belongs to innovators and the mission of IT since its very beginning is to innovate. In Gecko Dynamics we don’t stay still “waiting for better times” but we come towards them. We can put your business in the future today by incorporating latest innovations of IoT, Big Data, AI and ML into your product. Are you ready for such time travel?

What you can expect

IoT integration

Development IoT solutions, scripts & libraries and integrating various devices

Big Data solutions

Architecture, technologies and environment dedicated for acquiring and storing big data

Hardware integration

Integrating the software with various types of devices

Data Mining solutions

Tested solutions for data mining and extracting various statistics

High-performance technologies

Java, Spring, Hibernate, .NET, C# and other technologies designed for tough jobs

Machine-learning algorithms

Implementation of neural networks and other Machine Learning solutions

Artificial Intelligence for algorithms

Development and implementation of AI algorithms

Innovations in service of your product

We’re applying results of latest researches to keep you ahead

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