Custom software development

Development of custom software solutions and systems for various industries to optimize your business.

Since custom software development is our main expertise, it has the biggest share in breakdown of our current projects. As you can see, scalable and high-performance systems processing terabytes of data can be found quite often in our portfolio. Using technologies such as Java, .NET, Python and others, we feel comfortable with building the technological backbones of multi-tiered systems and integrating them with various 3rd-party services & APIs to create digital ecosystems. What we put a special care on is understanding the particular processes of your specific business & industry, to correctly address the problems and come up with not just right, but best solutions. Since you can count on time-proven enterprise technologies, cutting-edge innovations and broad experience with custom software development, you can rest assured we are probably one of the best fits for you.

What you get

Development of custom solutions & systems

Development of your custom solution of any kind and industry

UX & UI Design

Design of intuitive UX & good-looking UI to make your product easy to navigate.

Backend & Frontend Development

Backend & frontend development using the best technologies for your specific product.

Hardware programming & integration

Pairing the software with devices and developing their scripts & drivers

Applied innovations

We are up to date with the latest trends to apply them to your product

Extreme software engineering

Development of solutions requiring extreme data processing, e.g. airplane ticketing systems

Integration with third-party API

Integration with various kind of external services and API, e.g. payment gateways

Project Management

Rest assured and save time, while our Project Manager will take care of your project

QA & Warranty

As the quality is what we are meant to deliver, you can count on enhanced QA.

Enterprise technologies

Because of our expertise in enterprise technologies, you can count on the right technology stack.

Support & Maintenance

Support, Maintenance and DevOps services

High-performance architecture

Architecture designed for processing large amounts of data

How does it benefit you

  • Better performance

    High performance of your system, thanks to our experience with designing large systems.

  • Cost reduction

    Reduce your costs by up to 30% in comparison to our competitors and up to 50% in total

  • Save of time

    Reduce your costs by up to 30% in comparison to our competitors and up to 50% in total

  • Market competitiveness

    Put your business ahead of competitors, thanks to system positively impacting your daily operations.

  • Scalability of your product

    We think in a long term and build your solution not for today, but for the future.

  • Effective management

    Manage your business effectively with the right software tools.

The process

Analysis & scoping sessions

We start with a deep analysis of the problem that your solution is meant to solve, its requirements and business processes it includes. What we also focus on, is the understanding of the particular nature of your industry. Knowing that, we suggest the most optimal technology stack, create a flow of the system and draft an earthquake-resistant architecture, as well as propose the exact development approach.

Prototyping, PoC & Specification

We have to understand how the product should work, what flow shout it have and how it should reflect the user stories. Therefore, we either create a clickable prototype of your application by creating the wireframes, or create a Proof of Concept by developing the most vital and core part of your system. At the same time, we create a Specification of Development, which contains all what agreed and is serving as a recipe for the developers. The main purpose of this stage serves as an experimental research, which results are applied to your project on its later stages.


Your product not only has to work stable and deliver performance, but also look and be easy to navigate, even if developed for internal purposes. Therefore, we either use ready components for the frontend or create a custom design.


Due to Agile methodology, we work in sprints that follow the agreed schedule and milestones. Nevertheless, we are always happy to adjust to your work scheduling and cooperation requirements. At the same time, we also conduct testing in paralel with the development, since our practice shows it is the right approach. Invoices are being issued at the end of each sprint and only upon your acceptance.


After your system is developed and fully tested, we deploy it to the production environment, of course constantly keeping an eye on its performance. The team is ready to react immediately, keeping an eye on your product to make sure that nothing will put a shade on your success. You also get a warranty - just in case.

Support & Maintenance

Out of our experience, we see that the journey just starts with releasing the system. Every project requires a proper care after it is released, to be kept up to date and adjusted to the constantly changing environment. That is why we offer DevOps services for your product to keep it healthy-working and bug-free. We also assign a team to keep an eye on your product, rapidly react and take care of maintaining the technological success of your project.

Some numbers


Almost 60% of our staff is currently engaged in custom software development projects.


Over 90% of custom software clients stayed with us for the maintenance & support.


More than 50 custom software development success stories.

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