November 2019 - Ongoing

Los Angeles, United States

React.js, Node.js, Shopify, Liquid +1 more

Software Development and Team Augmentation services for an e-commerce store of the US leading rising star of sustainable & 100% natural cosmetics.


Client & Challenge

Upness is a Los Angeles based manufacturer of natural and organic cosmetics, having its own ecommerce store. They produce various kinds of cosmetics with their mission to produce them in a sustainable, organic and natural way. Upness CTO, for whom we had previously done other projects, asked us in November 2019 to form a team for the newly created brand (Upness) that needed a bran new e-commerce store. He was the one to design the architecture and needed a development team that would develop it for him. The main challenge were expectations - the client required developers that were on Senior & Tech Lead levels in terms of frontend, with excellent communication skills, ability to learn & work with Shopify and proven experience in optimizing frontend performance. At the same time, the store needed to be developed quickly as the client was facing a deadline related to a planned conference event. Another challenge was the time gap - Los Angeles is 9 hours behind Poland, which is where the team is based. Therefore, this project required the very best engineers of our frontend team, but also very good communicators. Is also required from the team to adjust their working hours in a way that would provide a minimum 3 hours of communication window with the client’s team based in LA.

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Right after receiving the request we provided the client with the propositions of specific developers from our frontend team. We picked the engineers that in our opinion fitted best client requirements with regards to both hard & soft skills. The client started interviewing the provided candidates and picked 2 frontend developers to start with. The team was then formed and the development started. The team initially consisted of 2 Senior Fullstack Developers provided by Gecko Dynamics and 1 Senior Backend Developer on the end of Upness. After 4 months of work and a successful launch, the client decided to retain the team to continue supporting and developing the store further, both on the customer-facing side and backoffice. The team was occasionally supported by a QA Engineer provided by Gecko Dynamics and during the biggest load of work - by Project Manager to assist with work scheduling and communication. As a result, the team continues working for the client on an ongoing basis, providing quality that helped the client to increase the revenue by more than 100% over the recent year.

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  • Robust product inventory with multiple categories and subcategories
  • Loyalty program
  • Product reviews
  • Integration to client’s SAP serving as an ERP & stock management system
  • Cart & checkout
  • Podcasts & video blogs
  • Community networking
  • Multiple payment methods and multiple integrated payment providers
  • Advanced promotions and occasional sales (e.g. Black Friday sale)
  • Customer account

Services provided

  • Business Analysis

  • Proposing most optimal features for MVP

  • Creating UI/UX

  • Front-End Development

  • Back-End Development

  • QA Services

  • PM Services

  • Deployment


  • 100% year-to-year revenue growth
  • 60% of the team came from Gecko
  • Stable revenue grow

As the cooperation continues, the client keeps developing the Upness brand, filling in the market niche and gradually securing their position. In the meantime, Gecko Dynamics keeps filling the client in with the top developers, responding rapidly to the requests.

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