Santa Clara, California, United States

C++, Lua

SoundHound Inc. is a company that develops speech recognition, natural language understanding, sound recognition and search technologies.


Client & Challenge

In 2018, SoundHound Inc. announced partnerships with Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, and Honda to provide voice interaction for their products using its Houndify voice AI platform. Houndify combines the voice AI with engineering expertise to help brands build conversational voice assistants. Company has reached Gecko Dynamics looking for a partner which will provide efficient development of voice recognition features dedicated to the EU market.



Our main goal was to prepare features aimed to translate speech into commands for Houyndify services. Emphasis was put on recognition of multi-word phrases and transcribing it into commands that SoundHound software can process. Next phase of the job was to prepare a part that will translate server responses from English to Polish and keep logical text structure unaffected.

  • Navigation control (e.g. Avoid tolls, speed limits, history)
  • Weather (e.g. Wheater at destination point, on the road)
  • Car control (e.g. A/C, locks control, window opening)
  • Phone control (e.g. Phone book, navigate to contact)
  • Device control (e.g. Volume control, music, maps)
  • Small Talk (e.g “Tell a joke”)
  • Radio control (e.g. Change song, find station)
  • User memory (e.g. “that’s my house”)
  • Geonames (e.g. Find post code)
  • Wikipedia (e.g “Who was Napoleon Bonaparte?”)
  • Tax and financial planning tools
  • Complex queries (e.g “Navigate to the airport and tell what weather will be there”)


  • The job was completed in a given time with all requirements fulfilled and the client appreciated our work.
  • The software was ready to be present on during the premiere of new car model.
  • The client constantly spread his presence on markets all over the world.

The work results meet requirements while the client is constantly expanding its presence on the market. The client recognized our expertise and the collaboration goes on, we work on the product further, maintaining it and securing its technological growth and success.

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