Ammotio - Expense Tracking Software

March 2020 - Ongoing


PHP (Laravel), JavaScript + React.js

Secure Online Portal powered by Ammotio collects and tracks all the expenses and other related data, analyses it, and allows for effective management of all work-related expenses.


Client & Challenge

Ammotio is a CRM that helps companies track all the work-related expenses as well as gather and analyze huge amounts of data. Managing data on such a large scale is only possible with a platform that can collect the data, analyze it, and allow users to work and manage it efficiently. It’s worth mentioning that Ammotio’s capability to work with huge amounts of data and the simplicity of the whole system is one of the reasons that it is vastly used in all sectors of the market from manufacturing to aviation. Portal was brought to the market by Shelbourne Accountants, an Irish accountancy firm that provides financial and taxation services to companies of all sizes, as well as for personal clients. The company reached Gecko Dynamics looking for a company that can help to rewrite an existing piece of software. Problem was that Ammotio was using Adobe Flash, the technology that was reaching End of Life. It could cause problems in the future especially in the case of compatibility with browsers and that may lead to potential loss of clients. The objective was to recreate existing functionalities using PHP & Laravel on the Back-End together with JavaScript and React.js on the Front-End part.



As soon as the requirements had been given Gecko Dynamics started work on the product with the following features:

  • Detailed reports
  • Invoices management system
  • Expense tracking
  • Employees management
  • Fees Management Module
  • Payslips
  • Bank Statements
  • Documents Management system
  • Summary Dashboard
  • Tax and financial planning tools


  • Gecko Dynamics has managed to rewrite Ammotio in a given time, and meet client expectations.
  • The whole process took less time than expected, which was appreciated by a client, the collaboration still goes on.
  • Gecko Dynamics was able to provide a solution that can be easily expanded in case of the company growing.

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