Insurance Platform

June 2020 - Ongoing

United Kingdom

React, Kotlin

Mission of our client is to change the global insurance industry and the way insurance is transacted and processed. It is insucrance platform that provides full-cycle capabilities for all sales, policy administration activities, and key claims processes.


Client & Challenge

We’ve created an insurance platform applicable to all lines of business in general insurance and some life and health segments. The platform has been designed for easy implementation and can work alongside or replace current legacy systems. It is based on microservice architecture. The platform’s APIs allow integration with any third-party service such as rating engines, AI, and analytics software.



Gecko Dynamics was chosen as a reliable partner that has deep knowledge and understanding of micro frontend patterns.

The goal was to rewrite the existing front-end part using micro front-end patterns.

The idea behind Micro Frontends is to split website or web app into smaller semi-independent apps. Each with its own repository focused on a single feature. Those “microapps” can be owned by different teams.

Each team has a distinct area of business and specializes in developing a specific feature.

By splitting your app into several different projects, each with its own pipeline, easier to build, and with less dependence on how your system grows.

Benefits of micro frontend architecture:

  • It fits better to Dev-Ops development workflows
  • It allows the application to be updated and enhanced more frequently
  • It minimizes the coordination between teams
  • It can scale individual services depending on usage
  • Micro-frontends also allow you to deploy features independently
  • Each functionality can be parallelized and built independently


  • Accurate management information
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Real-time policy management
  • Quote creator
  • Policy Schedule
  • Claim management
  • Policy overview
  • Documents manager
  • Payment schedule
  • Policy transactions overview


  • We managed to release an app in a given time frame
  • Our client is constantly growing and working on changing the insurance industry
  • Gecko Dynamics rewrite existing Front-End using Micro Frontend patterns

Our customer base is growing every day, providing the global insurance industry with a fundamental shift in how insurance is transacted and processed using blockchain solutions.

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