January 2021 - Ongoing

Edinburgh, Scotland

Python, Django, Vue.js, AngularJS

Team Augmentation services for one of hottest startups in the advertising industry.


Client & Challenge

Innovid (formerly known as TVSquared) provides an ultimate way of measuring efficiency of TV ads. They do it by providing a suite of revolutionary products that enable correlating the data about the advertisements played in TV with the traffic on advertiser’s website.

The client, who is the Chief Information Officer of TVSquared, approached us in Q4 of 2020 in search for company that could build a nearshore development department based within the European Union. The context for this was that due to COVID-19 pandemic the company switched into remote mode and because of that saw a lot of sense in building another remote department with a software company.

The client was initially looking for 4 frontend developers: 2 AngularJS and 2 Vue.js Developers. The job of the Vue.js team was to develop a brand new interface of the platform, while AngularJS team was responsible for supporting and maintaining the old interface of the platform.

The main challenges were:

Legacy stack - we had to involve people who had hands-on experience with AngularJS and - which was more difficult - were willing to spend several months of their life working with it.

Budget vs. Seniority - initially, the client had a very limited budget for the pilot stage, yet the nature of the assignment required only Senior roles.

Integrating our team with client’s team - from the very beginning, the client didn’t want an external team, but a team that will integrate with the company culture and will feel itself like a part of client’s company.

Because of that, the project required not only skilled engineers but also proper onboarding and working culture management to make the team truly integrated with the client’s team.

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December 2020
We provided the client with the propositions of team members out of our frontend team that fitted the requirements to tech stack, seniority, communication and working culture. At the same time, the budget constraints were very strict. We therefore decided to invest into the relationship and work with the client anyway with absolute zero margins.

The client didn’t want to interview the developers as he trusted in our ability to technically review their seniority and competence level with regards to their particular projects.

January 2021
We started the project with 2 Senior Vue.js Developers and 2 Senior AngularJS Developers.

May 2021
After the old interface of the system was no longer required to be supported, the client decided to release the AngularJS team.

At the same time, being very happy with the collaboration and quality of the provided developers, the client requested increasing the team by adding 8 Python (Django) Developers and 1 QA Engineer.

July 2021
We finished hiring & onboarding the requested 8 Python Developers and 1 QA Engineer. From here on, the team continues working for the client in the size of 11 people.

March 2022
TVSquared gets purchased by Innovid for $100M in cash and $12.5M in equity, partially due to the work done by the provided team

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  • Measuring TV ads impression delivery
  • Providing ads accuracy and frequency metrics
  • Quantifying reach extensions across platforms and channels
  • Measuring the impact of TV ads on website traffic and other aspects of online presence (e.g. app downloads)
  • Providing insights to the audience profile
  • Comparing expected outcomes between different agency profiles
  • Full-funnel metrics of the TV campaigns, from acquiring a visitor to generating a sale
  • Dynamics reports - enabling users to build their own reports based on all aggregated types of data

Services provided

  • Business Analysis

  • Proposing most optimal features for MVP

  • Creating UI/UX

  • Front-End Development

  • Back-End Development

  • QA Services

  • PM Services

  • Deployment


  • Major cost reduction
  • New clients & revenue increase
  • $100M acquisition

Gecko Dynamics helped TVSquared to double the revenue and to get acquired by the bigger player. Innovid - the new owner - after acquiring TVSquared in March 2022 and evaluating the partnership with Gecko Dynamics decided to continue working together, evaluating the cooperation to date as highly effective. And so, the story continues.

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