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React Native

Fieldshare is a cloud-based data aggregator that consolidates siloed data from multiple sources into one place. It enables users to make real-time informed decisions without changing the company’s core processes systems.


Client & Challenge reached Gecko Dynamics looking for a reliable partner with a deep knowledge of React Native, due to our expertise we’ve been chosen to rewrite existing parts of Front-End using React. Previously it was based on Kotlin but it turned out to be insufficient for the needs of a constantly growing app. To fulfill the growing demand for their solution, decided to rewrite the existing Front-End part to increase overall performance.

device with a project example
project example screenshot

Solution reached out to Gecko Dynamics looking for a partner that will help with rewriting iOS app into React Native. The company works with businesses from various industries consolidating and structuring scattered data into one place to help with efficient management. Vast options of customization create a strong foundation built around businesses goals and processes, it enables to explore new ways to work and test the system's capabilities

device with a project example


  • Documents circulation between different departments
  • Advanced reporting system
  • Offline mode for field units
  • Project management tools
  • Centralize and streamline tasks
  • Internal resources management
  • Advanced task management
  • Budget control - transparent cost tracking
project example screenshot


  • Gecko Dynamics delivered the given scope for the requested deadline
  • constantly getting new clients
  • The client appreciated our services which resulted in long term cooperation

Fieldshare's customer base is now growing to include municipalities, construction supervision, remediation professionals, and other organizations that want to consolidate scattered data into one place.

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