Enterprise League

Enterprise League

Enterprise League (http://enterpriseleague.com/) is a London-based startup providing a social-business platform with purpose to connect businesses around the world in a professional way, basing on their industries and specialization. The mission of the platform is to help businesses find a relevant business partner basing on their current business needs.

  • durationDuration:
    March 2018 - ongoing
  • technologiesTechnologies used:
    Java, Spring, Hibernate, Javascript, React.js, AWS, Kubernetes
  • Client’s country: London, UK


Case study

  • Client & Situation

    The client, which is a London-based startup, contacted us in early February 2018 looking for software house to take a full care of their new startup. What they had, was a concept of a social platform working as a web app on which companies can look for other companies to do business with. What the client needed, was a company that will provide an end-to-end process, starting from workshops and business analysis, through UX wireframing and design, to software development, QA and maintenance. What we are particularly proud of, is that the client has chosen Gecko Dynamics out of over 20 companies they contacted.

  • Solution

case image

Given the requirements for the platform, Gecko Dynamics started with thorough business & technical analysis of the platform requirements by conducting the Workshops together with the client. As a result of intensive brainstorming meetings conducted with the client’s team over 3 days, the exact scope has been agreed, followed by UX mockups and Specification of Development. As a next step, both teams worked closely on creating the appealing UI design. Having that part accomplished, the team commenced software development process in the Agile process, dividing the whole scope into 2-week sprints, with QA process happening in parallel.

In the end, we created the whole platform, which functionalities include:
  • Setting up an extensive profile of your company, including detailed information about its business and what it offers
  • Newsfeed with ability to add posts including photos, videos and embedded links, as well as comment posts of other companies
  • Matching screen, proposing the most relevant business partners by matching algorithm basing on your company information
  • Chats and conversations between users
  • Displaying the profiles of other companies
  • Help form
  • Integration with several 3rd party services & APIs
  • Admin panel allowing the product owners to moderate the content of the app as well as manage the registered companies
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Services provided:


Creating a good-looking and most importantly useful platform that already connects business around the world

The platform was successfully delivered in 2019, despite slight deadline miss and is now in the beta testing phase

The Client appreciated our services as we continue to work on further development of the platform

The honeymoon relationship continues as the team is continuously working on further development of
the platform, while first businesses are already using it. At the same time, the Enterprise League
receives a lot of praise both from its users and the press.

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