Industry-leading SaaS platform for event & membership management across US & Canada


Event management software called 123Signup (www.123signup.com) is a complex SaaS system serving two main purposes – event management and membership plan management. The platform is currently serving numbers of various entities and organizations such as private companies, event organizers universities, local governments as well as NGOs and non-profit organizations and is recognized as one of the market leaders in the area of event management software.

  • durationDuration:
    July 2015 – Ongoing
  • technologiesTechnologies used:
    Java, Spring, Hibernate, Bootstrap, Jquery, Oracle DB
  • Client’s country: United States


Case study

  • Client & Situation

    The owner of the product reached out to us asking to take over the project after another company which failed to deliver satisfying results in terms of quality and deadlines. The very first version of the platform was developed a long time before that and was already one of the recognizable products in its industry at that time and . Therefore, there was a lot of legacy code that we had to take over and rewrite or refactor. The project also came with a lot of legacy technologies and frameworks, which also had to be rewritten into the modern stack.

  • Solution

case image

Since there was a huge piece of legacy code, it was a natural step to start with extensive and thorough code audit. As a result, there were identified issues and parts of the system to be refactored or coded from scratch, which were later on prioritized. In the course of code refactoring, we also developed many brand new modules as well as redesigned the existing ones, both in terms of modern UI and optimizing the existing logic and processes. The system and its main modules was rewritten into modern stack, after which we continued to work with other legacy modules and develop the new ones. At the same time, we were also providing the maintenance, support, DevOps and database administration services.To sum up, we provided all the services listed above, working at every single bit of the system which includes:

  • Event management – highly sophisticated and advanced module covering all aspects of event management. That being said, everything from creating, through scheduling and calendars, to complex overview of participants and their management.
  • Membership management – enabling membership management to various entities using 123Signup as a SaaS platform. The module enables to create membership programs of various kind by admins and sell them to the users.
  • Donations module, which enables the users to make a donation for chosen entities, as well as creating ad banners in the web that redirects the potential donators to the donation module
  • Extensive reporting of various data and information gathered across the system
  • Website-builder enabling associations using the platform to create their own website through visual builder basing on predefined templates
  • Member directory, allowing members to search for other members and see their connotations with the organizations they are participating in
  • Online purchases of subscription plans (event / membership management)
  • Extensive billing module
  • Various roles of admins and users, enabled for the platform customers
  • 3rd party services integration
  • Payment gateways integration, e.g. CSI Pay, PayPal
  • We also created an API for external entities serving various purposes, for example signing up for event from the external source, member authentication in external platforms, and more.
  • Admin area to manage the clients and their plans


The product is operating in the market for 15 years already, being a huge system requiring from us the ongoing cooperation

Due to system update to modern look and technologies and making it working stable, the existing clients has been retained, while the new ones has been brought, securing company’s base and boosting its growth

The system currently remains as one of the industry leaders for event and membership management

With the client being very satisfied with the value we provide, the relationship continues while we are constantly working on on new modules.
In the meantime, we are also rebuilding the existing and legacy ones. At the same time, 123Signup continues its successful march,
holding a position of one of the industry-leaders and increasing its share in the market year by year.

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