Body leasing & staffing

Body leasing of battle-tested developers, with a transparent pricing.

We support other companies and their development teams by providing the body leasing of our developers. We are able both to rent a single a developer and to form a dedicated team that will work for you. What is more, we are also able to send our developers to your office for an on-site work with your team. Still, if you are rather looking for hiring developers directly, our HR Department experienced in IT recruitment will be happy to work as a staffing agency for you – all depends on what you exactly need.

What you get

Battle-tested developers

Developers working in our company for years

On-site work availability

Developers able to work at your office

Transparent pricing

Transparent pricing - hourly, weekly or monthly rates

Missing position at your team

Fill out the missing gap without compromising the progress

Flexible management

Manage the team yourself or hire our PM to handle that for you

Our supervision over their work

Team management and supervision by our PM to make sure everything will be delivered

Daily code updates

Daily updates to repository

Our assistance

If anything goes wrong - we are here to fix it, you are not working with freelancers

How does body leasing benefit you

  • Cost reduction

    Up to 60% in comparison to your in-house resources

  • No recruitment costs for Body Leasing services

    Don't waste time and money on recruitment process - get the required developers straight away

  • Huge save of time

    Thanks to technical expertise, we recommend only the employees that meet your needs

  • Be prepared for opportunities to come!

    Be prepared for opportunities to come!

  • Offshore development department

    Treat our team as your second line of development

The process

Request for developers

Tell us what technology stack and seniority level you need and share the overall nature of the project. We can help both with leasing single developers or by creating whole, dedicated team for you.

Developers recommendation

Give us a day to identify who of our team will be the best fit for you, given the requirements you have. Once that is done, we recommend the chosen employeed by presenting their profiles.


At this stage, we put a soul & life into your project by creating its usual identity. We put a high value on a design, treating it as a face of your business and adjusting it into the targeted audience and industry.


If you feel the interviewed developers seem to be a good fit but you want to make yourself 100% sure, you can ask them to perform a test task or request their code samples.


If the interviewed developers meet your requirements, hire them and make them start working anytime you need.

Some numbers


90% of our clients reduced their development costs by more than 30% with our resources


70% of them reduced the costs by over 50%


More than 20 success stories

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