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Web development

We develop all types of web applications – from small MVPs for startups, through advanced management tools to world-changing ecosystems. We approach each project individually, suggesting particular plan and technologies tailored directly to it business process, market and users. We also put a high value on design, creating a distinguishing identity of your app and making your customers buying with their eyes.

Custom software development

Proven track record of developing scalable, high-performance solutions and software engineering make is one of our strongest competences. We put a special care on understanding the particular nature of your business processes & industry and address solutions fitting best. You can count both on time-proven enterprise technologies and cutting-edge innovations, which combined will become a foundation of further growth.

Body leasing & staffing

If your team lacks a developer, if you suddenly lost a crucial software engineer or simply want to extend your team’s capacities you can always hire one of our specialists. We support external development teams with battle-tested developers able to work in your office or in ours. You can also let our HR Department find a perfect candidate for you and hire him directly.

Mobile development

Although mobile applications haven’t the biggest share in breakdown of our projects, we had already developed several mobile apps. Thanks to having some great partners in the fields of UX & UI for mobile devices we are able to produce great looking apps. Mixing that with our experienced Android, iOS & React Native developers makes the output always satisfying. We develop smart mobile apps of various kinds and size – from small MVPs to mobile layers working on top of complex systems.

Support & maintenance

Usually, the release of a project is just a beginning of a long path of its continuous development. Our DevOps team takes care of your product, using best practises, having rapid reaction time and 24/7 support, to ensure that it will be living & running without any crashes or bugs. We also take care of further development of your product and adjusting it to the constantly changing environment to secure your pole-position on the market.

It consulting & analysis

Our broad and long-term experience serves not only in software development, but also to advise on various fields of IT industry. We can help you analyzing your project deeply, drafting its architecture and suggesting best solutions & technology stack to cover its requirements. Each project is different, but our experience in their various types will turn into save of your time and money.

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