It consulting & project analysis

Consulting services to help you choosing the best approach.

Our broad and long-term experience serves not only in software development, but also to advise on various fields of IT industry. We can help you analyzing your project deeply, drafting its architecture and suggesting best solutions & technology stack to cover its requirements. Each project is different, but our experience in their various types will turn into save of your time and money.

What you get

Consulting services

Consulting services dedicated for your project

Due diligence analysis

Because we leave no room for coincidence

Architecture of your system

Draft of best architecture for your system

Suggestion of appropach

Dedicated suggestion of best methodology for your project

Optimal technology stack

Proposal of technology stack that will work best for your project

Suggestion of providers

Having a lot of partners and knowing different companies, we will tell you who is the best for this job

Optimal team size

Don’t overpay - we will tell you what is the most optimal team size for your project

Hourly estimation

Estimation of your project with hourly breakdown

How does it benefit you

  • Cost reduction

    Spend up to 50% less in comparison to what others offer

  • Save of time

    Don’t spend time on figuring out how it should work - let our specialists do it for you

  • Long-terms savings

    Up to even 60% in a long run

  • Scalability of your product

    We make it scalable from the beginning, no need for re-writing it in the future

  • Right

    Solutions tailored to particular nature of your project

The process


Let’s talk about your project - discuss it deeply, including each and every aspect it touches - the problem your solution is meant to solve, its requirements, business processes it includes, industry and particular nature.


Having your project discussed deeply, we follow due diligence process of project analysis. As a result, we suggest the most optimal technology stack, draft an earthquake-resistant architecture and propose the exact approach.


Following discussion over what has been proposed, we agree upon the final shapes of proposed solutions and prepare a report as an output of the process. The report covers all outcomes of the process and analysis.

Some numbers


Over 80% of our clients purchases the support & maintenance


Over 50% of clients working with us for more than 3 years


More than 70 web apps developed

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