About us

We are a software development company, providing a full-service
development of web & mobile applications, custom systems, SaaS products and IT solutions.

Since being founded in 2002 in Vancouver, Gecko Dynamics unites experienced specialists from various fields of IT industry, creating a full-service software development company serving clients around the world and helping even in seemingly hopeless situations. We understand that your growth is key to our, and therefore our mission is not just to deliver what we are ordered to, but also to advise and search for more optimal solutions for your business. If we only see something can be done in more optimal and scalable way than requested, we always suggest the solution.

We not only believe, but know that many things in software development industry can be dealt better – from design and management to development and support. Seeing these and other problems that can be dealt better and still searching for improvements on every field, we united to create a company that is complete – taking care of every step of your project, from working out the scope, through designs, development and testings, to finally releasing your product in the best shape and without worries that something will put the shade on the shine of your success.

Our mission

Our mission is to be a true partner to you – not to confirm everything you say but to advise and propose solutions that will serve your particular project best in terms of performance, time and money. While the goal of some companies is to earn as much as possible on you, ours is to save you as much time & money as possible without dropping the quality.

Through many years, we have helped numbers of various entities and become a vital part of many success stories, because each of us follows one, simple rule – our success doesn’t exist without yours.


Describing everything what we achieved since 2002 would be enough for a book.
Since we value your precious time, let the numbers briefly summarize it:

Years on the market
Success stories
Offices worldwide
Countries of operation
Skillful employees
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Our values & strengths

Not what we think we’re good at, but what our partners tend to highlight

True partners
Doesn’t matter if you’re a small startup or big corporation - we always build long-term partnerships. While others’ goal is to squeeze as much money as they can out of you, ours is to save you as much as possible.
Great communication
Communication is the key to success in every project and even the best developers will fail without it. That’s why a great reaction time and transparency over what we’re doing have always been appreciated by our partners.
To every project, we always assign a dedicated team which is 100%.focused on you and is being distracted by other tasks. Our dedication is what our clients always tend to highlight.
Albert Einstein once said, that experience is the only source of knowledge. Following that rule, you can count on our 15-years proven track record, which always turns into our great advantage when compared to others.
Only battle-tested warriors, only true, experienced soldiers you can always rely on - for your success. We don’t hire everyone, but because of that everyone wants to hire us!
Always on time
As our clients confirm, deadlines are sanity to us. Because of our reliable and strong-standing project management we always deliver on time.
Passionate crew
We hire people who are passionate about what they’re doing and that always willing not to “just do what ordered” but search for better solutions, just as Steve Jobs said - “We don’t hire smart people to tell them what to do, we hire them so they could tell us what to do”.
We understand that each project is different and there is no gold standard matching every cooperation. That’s why we are able to adjust to multiple conditions and circumstances to create a perfect partnership.
We not only do what you order, but also advise if we see it can be done better in terms of performance, cost-efficiency or time. Whatever you will come to us with, we will advise the most optimal approach, solutions and technology stack.

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