Startups & small businesses

Business analysis and scoping sessions to figure out the most efficient MVP

Cost-reducing technologies & solutions without dropping the quality even a bit

Lovely design

Over 30 startups we already

Since we have already helped many startups, we understand that every single cent counts when setting up a new business. We are also aware that our success comes from yours, that’s why we offer a special model of cooperation to startups and private entities, to secure your success on every field – not only development. Furthermore, we offer business analysis process and scoping sessions to figure out the most efficient MVP for you – because of our big experience it may result even in a 60% cost reduction and increase of the scale of your success on the market.

What you get

MVP building

Scoping sessions and business analysis to build what is really necessary for your users and validate your idea on the market with minimal cost

Cost-reducing technologies

Development in React.js, React Native, PHP and other cost-reducing technologies, as we understand that every cent matters. Our experience proves a cost reduction of up to 30% in comparison to traditional technologies

Tailor-made solutions

Solutions tailored straight to the very particular nature of your startup, its market and users

Lovely design

Individual identity of your product to make your users fell in love at the first sight

Startup loans

We significantly decrease hourly rate for the development of your MVP, and if your idea is successful we raise it up for a certain period of further development.

Flexible development

We develop the projects in a way that leaves a room for changes without additional costs.

Some Numbers

Over 30 startups we
already helped
24 cooperating with us
for more than 1 year
Up to 60%
Of total cost reduction in
comparison to competitors
5.0 / 5.0 willing to
recommend us

Startup owners
recommend us

Adam Boryniec
Co-Founder, GoMobile

Their project management was amazing. They also suggested technical solutions that saved us time & money, which our customers also appreciated. After 9 years of continuous cooperation, I can recommend Gecko as one of the best business partners I’ve ever worked with.

Jerry Johnson
CEO at Cascade Strategies, Founder of Nimbus Online

They were excellent. Timely deliveries and competitive rates combined with exceptional math and technical skills make Gecko Dynamics an ideal partner. They demonstrated a greater understanding of our mission than other companies had shown in the past.

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  • Let us show you why we’re here
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