Restaurant, retail & entertainment

IT solutions are meant to make the processes quicker and easier. Following that rule, we provide solutions for restaurants, retail & entertainment companies that don’t require any serious training, are quick and easy as child’s play. Your staff will love them, your customers will spend less time in queues and waiting for orders, while your business will benefit from better process & resource management. We also develop solutions for advanced statistics which will make you able to understand your customers better and boost sales.

What you can expect

ERP systems
ERP systems for restaurant chains and retail
Integration with third-party
services and API
Integration with various kinds of external services and API - e.g. payment gateways
Booking systems
Table booking, cinema ticket reservation and other kinds of booking systems
Ticketing &
queuing systems
Ticketing systems and queuing automation
CRM systems
Multi-tiered CRM systems for your sales & marketing departments
Process automation
Automating your processes and daily operations to save you money
Marketing automation tools
Solutions for marketing automation and mailing
Big Data &
Advanced statistics
Solutions for gathering & storing big data and extracting various statistics
Intuitive UX & UI
Easy-to-navigate interface that your employees will learn quickly
Employee performance
tracking tools
Development of solutions that will help you to measure performance of your employees
Hardware integration
Integrating the software with payment terminals, POS devices and other devices types
IoT implementation
Implementation of IoT solutions to increase the satisfaction of your customers and provide more info about them

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