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Websites & online products

We develop all types of web applications – from small MVPs for startups, through advanced management tools to world-changing ecosystems. We approach each project individually, suggesting particular plan and technologies tailored directly to it business process, market and users. We also put a high value on design, creating a distinguishing identity of your app and making your customers buying with their eyes.

Aviation & logistics

We provide solutions for national & private airlines and aircraft manufacturers as well as smaller companies. We understand your operations, business processes and are familiar with FAA, EASA and ICAO regulations. We also have a broad experience in logistics systems for maritime and land transport.

Business process management

Extensive experience in ERP, CMS, CRM, BPM and other types of management systems makes it one of our strongest competences. Understanding of various particular business processes and know-how of data & access security mixed with our inborn care for stability and reliability makes us the best partner for this types of projects.


Financial software & engineering is something we have been very close to since the beginning of company. Because of experience with financial, banking and insurance companies we are familiar with PCI compliance terms and we put a high value on transaction safety, architecture and data processing to make your solutions secure, stable and lightning-fast.

Restaurant, retail & entertainment

IT solutions are meant to make the processes quicker and easier. Following that rule, we provide solutions for restaurants, retail & entertainment companies that don’t require any serious training, are quick and easy as child’s play. Your staff will love them, your customers will spend less time in queues and waiting for orders, while your business will benefit from better process & resource management.

Travel & booking systems

Take your customers all around the world and host there wherever you want by developing your travel or booking system. We will be happy to help you with our experience in building stable booking systems. Knowing that traveling is a global business, we are ready to integrate your system with any kind of external API, system or platform if it’s only possible. We also care for intuitive UX and beautiful UI to make travelling easier and enhance the impressions of your customers.

iot, big data & hi-tech

Future belongs to innovators and the mission of IT since its very beginning is to innovate. In Gecko Dynamics we don’t stay still “waiting for better times” but we come towards them. We can put your business in the future today with our skillful engineers and passionates of IoT, Big Data, AI and ML. Are you ready for such time travel?


You don’t see your industry here? Don’t worry, most probably we cover it as well, but describing here all what we can could take a bit too much space… We can surely help you with every branch you represent, so try asking us about your project.


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