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Longulf Capital 38

Longulf Capital 38

The new platform delivered to Longulf is Business Project Management Software with the aim to provide better company asset management and complex reports. It serves stakeholders, accountants, and high tier workers in every sphere of company asset management, all data is integrated with the SAP system. Longulf Capital 38 has one simple idea behind, the goal is to provide a solution that will give a clearer overview of company assets, help operations, increase sales, and provide custom integrations with existing systems like SAP software.

  • durationDuration:
    August 2019 – Ongoing
  • technologiesTechnologies used:
    Java, PostgreSQL, minIO, Angular
  • Client’s country: London, UK


Case study

  • Client/Situation

    Longulf was established in 1977, it specializes in supplying machinery and raw materials to manufacturing companies. With offices all around the world, their mission is to provide progressive, competitive, and efficient partnerships by nurturing quality customer and supplier relationships. Longulf reached out to Gecko Dynamics in August 2019, looking for a reliable partner that can help develop an advanced company asset management system. Due to our expertise with projects like CamTran and specific knowledge about solutions characteristic for the manufacturing sphere, the client chose us for further cooperation. The main aim was to integrate a new solution with the existing SAP system and deliver the first working version before the end of the year. Gecko Dynamics took up the challenge to help to deliver the product within the required time.

  • Solution

case image
  • Advanced SAP integration
  • Custom data processing model
  • Advanced user role management
  • Detailed reports
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Advanced FortiSandbox integration, file management
  • Flexible adjustable notification and communication module
  • Advanced content management module
  • Advanced integration with SecurEnvoy 2FA, two-factor authentication
  • Server-based solution with advanced security level


The solution was delivered in a given time with all requirements fulfilled, since the client appreciated our work, the collaboration goes on

Longulf finds the system more than useful in company asset management, it gives a better overview and makes the whole management process a lot easier and more intuitive

Longulf constantly spread his presence on markets all over the world, Longulf Capital 38 become an essential element of the company development process

Longulf is still growing and getting new clients every day, the provided solution is more than
useful in company asset management and gives a clearer overview for the company stakeholders.
The client recognized our expertise and the collaboration goes on, we still working on new functionalities and improvements.

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