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Inflotrolix Portal

The new platform brought to the market by Canadian company Nowa has one simple idea behind it, to provide clients with a solution that will give a clearer overview of all the sensors connected to the system and reliability even in critical situations like fire or electricity shortages. The main objectives behind our collaboration were to create a web platform that provides a clearer overview of all the data and provides remote management of all sensors, devices, and functionalities of the system.

  • durationDuration:
    June 2019 – Ongoing
  • technologiesTechnologies used:
    Java, PostgreSQL, Angular, AWS MQTT, SQS, S3
  • Client’s country: Montreal - Canada


Case study

  • Client/Situation

    Nowa is a Canadian based company that is recognized as a leader in smart water damage protection for residential and commercial properties. The mission behind the Nowa company is to constantly develop advanced solutions that protect buildings and infrastructures from water damage and become the centerpiece of your smart systems. Nowa reached Gecko Dynamics looking for a reliable partner to design their brand new web platform which will allow their clients to manage and control every aspect of their smart water damage protection systems. After a few months and diligence, the client decided that our expertise in cloud architecture and IoT projects make us a really good partner to work with. The biggest challenge was to create unique data exchange models between servers and devices that will be resistant to any unexpected situation like lack of internet connectivity or power supply due to water leaks, fire, or any other unexpected situations.

  • Solution

case image

As the requirements were given, Gecko Dynamics has started with thorough business & technical analysis by conducting the workshops together with the client. In response to addressed needs, we developed a platform with the following features:

  • Advanced and custom integration with devices
  • Advanced user role management and advanced adjustable permission matrix model
  • Automated notifications
  • Real-time communication between server and devices with MQTT IoT and SQS (AWS)
  • Remote control and unified management of connected devices
  • Device alerts
  • Advanced and custom integration with Amazon cloud services for the multilevel device system management
  • Cloud-based(AWS)


Thanks to the great management, Gecko Dynamics has delivered high-quality web service in the given time and specific

Clients appreciated the solution delivered by Gecko Dynamics, especially its resistance to unpredictable situations like electricity shortage, floods, or fire.

Cloud-based architecture gives outstanding options of scalability and also helps with cost reduction due to characteristics of AWS services

Since Nowa appreciated Gecko Dynamics dedication and proactive attitude, the relationship goes on.
While the Nowa is constantly getting new clients on its way to become a leader in smart water damage protection,
Gecko Dynamics continues to work on the project to bring new functionalities and improvements to the platform.

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