Body leasing & staffing

Rent battle-tested developers easily and with transparent pricing

We support other companies and their development teams augmenting their development teams and capabilities by renting our battle-tested developers. Because of having quite many a lot of senior and middle developers we are able both to rent a single a developer or to form a dedicated team for that will work for you. We also support the work on-site with the client if you would require our specialists to be put in your office. Still, if you are rather looking for hiring developers directly, our HR Department experienced in IT recruitment acts as a staffing agency for you – all depends on what you exactly need.

What you get

Our employees that have already been tested on various projects
On-site work availability
Developers able to work at your office
Transparent pricing
Everything on the bill - developer’s salary, hosting costs and our fee
Missing position at
your team
Fill out the missing gap and don’t stop the project
Whole team
managed by you
Manage and control the team’s work on your own
Our supervision
over their work
Additional supervision to make sure everything will be delivered
Daily code updates
Daily updates to repository
Our assistance
If anything goes wrong - we are here to fix it

How does it benefit you

In comparison to your in-house resources
In comparison to your in-house resources
No recruitment costs for Body Leasing services
Up to 30% in comparison to our competitors and up to 50% in total
Huge save of time
We take care of finding perfect candidates, bringing only the selected ones for interviews
Be prepared for opportunities to come!
Be prepared for opportunities to come!
Offshore development department
You can treat our team as your 2nd line of development

The process

Analysis & scoping sessions
We start with deep analysis of the problem your solution is meant to solve, its requirements, business processes it includes, industry and particular nature. Knowing most of that we suggest the most optimal technology stack, draft an earthquake-resistant architecture and propose the exact approach.
Prototyping / PoC and specification
Depending on the nature of your project, we either create a clickable prototype of your application, illustrating main flow and user stories or create a Proof of Concept by developing the most vital and core part of your system. At the same time, we create a specification of development, containing all what agreed and serving as a recipe of developers. This stage serves as an experimental research, which results are applied to your project on later stages.
If the the project scope includes design, we create the style design before commencing the development, as the aim to create the system that is not only stable and high-performance but also intuitive, friendly and easy to navigate.
Due to Agile methodology, we work in sprints following agreed schedule and milestones, but we are also open to your cooperation requirements and are fine with adjusting to your work scheduling. Invoices are being issued at the end of each sprint and only upon your acceptance. What is also done at this stage are tests – we keep testing regular and up to date and as our practice shows it’s a right approach.
Having your system developed, fully tested and double-checked we deploy it tracking constantly its performance. A team of specialists engaged in all stages of the process is constantly assisting and being kept ready to react immediately, keeping an eye on your product to make sure that nothing will put a shade on your success. You also get a warranty - just in case.
Support & Maintenance
Out of our experience we see, that the journey just starts on releasing the system. Every project requires a proper care after its deployment to be kept up to date and adjusted to the constantly changing environment. That’s why we offer DevOps services for your product to keep it healthy-working and bug-free. We assign a dedicated team to keep an eye on your product, rapidly react and take care of maintaining the technological success of your project.

Some numbers

90% of our clients reduced their development costs by more than 25% with our resources
70% of them reduced the costs by over 50%
More than 20 success stories

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